5 Things Gilmore Girls have Taught Me

With the premiere of the new and final season of  Gilmore Girls this weekend I wanted to take a moment to discuss some of my greatest take aways from the show. As I am a huge fan that has watched it from it’s original release to when it played twice a day on ABC family to binging on Netflix The Gilmore Girls have been consistently with me for years.  

This is what they taught me:

When in doubt coffee

  1. Whether you know me in real life or just from the words I cover this blog in you have most likely drawn the conclusion that I have a very close relationship with coffee that borderlines on obsession. (Reference this article : I Just Need to Grab a Coffee FirstAn obsession that I must in part blame on Lorelai as she insisted that nothing could be done without first having a cup of coffee and that there is nothing a decent cup of coffee can’t solve. As she passed said habits onto Rory I too picked them up and now sit here post Netflix marathon sipping a cup of black coffee as I type this article.

Be a Nerd

  1. Rory made me wish I wore a uniform and told me I should always have a book in my purse. She made reading seem cool as she raddled off authors, quotes and random facts. Because of Rory I do read as often as I can and I almost always have a book with me even if its just on my phone. Because of Rory I never questioned whether school or knowledge was important since being smart made her endlessly intriguing.


  1. From day one Gilmore Girls has been about dreams. As both Lorelai and Rory slowly chip away at their dreams of opening an Inn and going to Harvard. Every decision they make is made with the consideration of those dreams. Teaching us that plans work and that if you hold onto a single idea in time you can achieve it. It doesn’t mean you wont fail or struggle. But it does mean that if you make it past those hard times you will end up exactly where you need to be whether it’s where you always wanted or somewhere better.

Guys are but a minor character

  1. This one may be slightly controversial as a large amount of thought seems to be but into who each Gilmore should end up with. However as a someone how has binged on The Gilmores before it was on Netflix I believe there is a little too much thought put into those conversations. As Rory continuously puts her education and dreams ahead of the guys in her life. And Lorelai does not let her relationship fails get in the way of her being a successful women. Gilmore Girls is first and foremost about strong women with great female friends all striving to achieve something. It’s about the balance of having a relationship and family and still being your own person with your own goals. Lane being a prime example as she waddles around 8 months pregnant her biggest concern is not her swollen feet but the fear that her band will move on without her. Even after having kids Lane is both a mom and a musician. Therefore, Gilmore Girls teach us over and over again that men are second to our own dreams.

In the end Family  

  1. Another huge theme in the Gilmore Girls is family. There is an interesting dynamic in the series that makes the show so relatable. And that’s the way Lorelai and Rory are so close to each other while Lorelai  and her mother Emily are in constant struggle.  The range in relationships creates endless opportunity for conflict. Yet at the end of all those arguments is Lorelai standing in front a man she loves saying “I can’t be with someone who is suing my family”. And as she walks away you realize she too believes in the power of family and no matter what that’s who matters.

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