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A Wardrobe I dream to Achieve (15/32)

Hermès Resort/Spring 2017

Remarkably refined as one can only come to expect from a brand so rich in tradition and expertise. I find myself easily wearing every piece in their women’s resort ’17 collection not only for a few seasons but forever. These are classic elements that I aspire to have in my closet. Pieces that are simple, sophisticated, strong and still full of color/personality.  And all paired back to flats which once in awhile is quite refreshing. Unquestionably Polished!!!

& Then I seen the men. Wearing thin leather cardigans, trimmed trenches, bombers and perfectly fitted trousers hitting at that perfect length and I fell in love again. Call me fickle but I see myself in this wardrobe  as well. In every piece I see myself and other women looking just as good if not better than the steamy models that debuted the collection.

The women’s collection had strength. While still beautifully tailored to work with the women’s curves the pieces had enough ease to create the feeling of grandeur. In opposition to the men’s collection who’s styles were tailored closer to the body. Creating a more demure almost nerdy presentation. Although the looks are vastly different the underlining idea of the collections is wearable, livable forever basics. And I think the two opposing themes would marry quite nicely in my closet. Especially since beautifully tailored menswear on a women is going to have the appearance of that thoughtful ease we see in the Hermes’ womenswear collection. 

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