Building Up Self

Five things I did to increase my happy, build confidence and overall better my life. 

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Finding some sort of morning rhythm

I have yet to master a morning routine partly because I struggle with holding myself accountable and forming new habits and partly because my schedule is so insane the word routine hardly makes sense. I have read and listened to so many great leaders speak about waking up early and having a set routine to follow. Only sometimes I have to leave for work at 3 am and other days I’m just getting home from work as morning breaks, making it nearly impossible to ensure I get a decent amount of sleep let alone keeping up with a strict morning routine. Therefore I have formed various mini routines depending on the type of Morning I am having. This way I no matter the day I fall into some sort of habitual rhythm helping me gain full consciousness in a way that involves minimal stress and some sort of focus on self. 

Forming Mini Routines 

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As I stated I've created mini routines to tackle my days productively depending on what the rest of that specific day may hold. However, these little clusters of habits are not limited to morning use. I’ve created micro rituals for all aspects of my life in hopes of creating some sort of normalcy in a lifestyle that is anything but. 

Areas of my life that require a mini routine include:

  1. Preparing for a trip

  2. Morning Routine - At home/not traveling

  3. Morning Routine - Headed to work beyond early

  4. Morning Routine - While traveling for work

  5. Hotel Arrival

  6. Long Airport Sits

  7. De-packing and Decompressing following a trip

  8. Nighttime Routine - While traveling for work

  9. Nighttime Routine - At home

Telling myself I love you

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It may sound silly but showing myself a little self-love on a consistent basis has helped boost my confidence and increase my mood immensely. 

Three super simple ways I say I love you to myself ☺️:

  1. Every two hours during my waking day my phone/Apple Watch vibrates to tell me that I am loved, amazing, etc. It's a very little thing that makes me pause no matter my mood or situation to remind me of what’s important. 

  2. Using the Think Up app I listen to my recorded affirmations before I even roll out of bed.

  3. While facing myself in the mirror, getting ready for the day I take a moment to verbally repeat my favorite affirmations.

Feeding Myself Positive Content

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From music to podcasts to YouTube to books I try to fill my mind with content that is going to help me better myself and make me happy. As I started to pay attention to what I was feeding myself audibly I quickly realized the majority of the music I enjoyed came with lyrics about heartbreak and even depression. I’m not saying give up the things you love especially if they make you happy, but I personally found that changing it up and filling myself with more purposeful noise the majority of the time created a more positive headspace.

Three positive things I enjoy listening to:

  1. Podcasts

  2. Audiobooks

  3. Classical and Electronic music

Living in the Moment

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Avoiding gossip, drama and negative self-talk is one of the simplest ways to change your world. Well, maybe simple is the wrong word, as keeping yourself in a positive place can be quite a large feet. Especially when the people around us and situations we can’t control are constantly hurling negativity our way. At times it can feel like the default setting for human is impatient bitch, I mean that in the best possible way ;), but honestly it can be a full-time job deflecting everyone else’s drama. However if you choose to disengage and look at life as a continuous stream of happy surprises, I know from experience you will feel lighter, happier and altogether less stressed.

Since I chose happiness, I have felt that over time I have reduced my anxiety and felt more free and confident. By choosing happiness I can now live in the moment excited for what’s happening, rather than awaiting some looming tragedy. 


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