Characters That Inspire: The Brainiacs (3/32)

Heroine and Rory  may be living in distant worlds and face uniquely different problems. Yet both girls are grounded in very similar characteristics. As both girls put their education above nearly everything else, they are constantly depicted with their noses in books, which among other things makes them outcasts of sorts.  Yet both characters have very strong friendships with the people that do accept them. Never letting others decide their fate both young girls are strong and witty when necessary. As well as the type of people to get their hands dirty in order to get the results they desire. Depicted with big dreams and high expectations they show it takes hard work to achieve what you want.

They make being smart the most attractive part of a person. Making school uniforms attractive and being a nerd the goal. It was due to these two characters  that I started carrying a book in my purse at a young age and became obsessed with absorbing present and past culture. It is also, probably in some part due to the Gilmore Girls I am known for always being within reach of a cup of coffee. If only I could attribute my uncanny ability to spill every said cup to these amazing ladies.

Hermine Granger 

Magic, Brains, Adventure & Friendship! (2001-2011)

“We could of been killed, or worst expelled.” -Hermione 

Rory Gilmore

Caffeine, Books, Boys & Ambition! (2000-2007)

“Who cares if I’m pretty if I fail my finals.” -Rory

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