Dealing with an Overwhelming List of a Day

On Tuesday I did a two part beach photo and video shoot. Planned with Mora and our friend/model for the day Cece, I designed and made three knit dresses, one for each of us to wear. However, due to my constant struggle with procrastination and a series of unexpected events and obligations Tuesday morning I woke up early with only one dress started and a very long to-do list. Torn between optimism and realism I had no idea where the day was going to take me. But I forced myself to stay calm and carry on with my morning routine as per usual before digging into the days list.

At 9am I got started. I finished cutting the first dress then patterned and cut the 2nd and before I knew it I was draping the 3rd. With every step I accomplished my energy grew and it was barely noon when I started sewing the dresses together. When I finished the last dress at 3pm and had a full hour to focus on my hair and make up for the shoot I was in such good spirits.

What I learned about Time Constraints, overwhelming To Do Lists, & Planning:

  1. Stay calm: Taking the early morning to focus on me before my to do list kept me from becoming overwhelmed from the start.

  2. Back Up Plan: Creating a back up plan or even a series of plans before you start working helps you (1) stay calm because it removes some of the pressures you may feel. Ex. fear of disappointing the people you are working on the project with or worst causing the shoot/job ect.. to be canceled.

  3. Alter your plans: I did this twice for Tuesday. One was the night before when I canceled a morning photo shoot that was unrelated to the one we did at the beach. It killed me to not get the first shoot over with, but I knew the morning shoot would be easier to reschedule. Plus, if I tried to do both at that point something would not turn out right because I would be a wreak and overwhelmed by the workload and lack of time. Which leads to my next point!

  4. Know Yourself: Be honest if you are taking on too much say no to something or at least say not now.

  5. Take Breaks: During the day take moments to step away from your biggest project and get some air. Not to lay around but to get little miscellaneous tasks done. This helped me from getting burnt out on the dresses and made it so at 3pm when I finished the dresses everything was in order and I was ready to go.

At the end of the night I was so proud of myself for accomplishing everything I had planned and for not having to sacrifice on my vision because of a lack of focus or procrastinating. My goal for future shoots and projects is to use what I learned but apply them earlier on in the process so there is even less stress. But lets be honest things pop up out of nowhere sometimes and it is good to know I can work under a little pressure!

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