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Design and Inspiration (20/32)

Where do clothing designs come from?

What is Inspiration?

How do you get inspired?

How do you turn inspiration into an idea and later a product?

None of these questions can be answered with a single all inclusive response. As every designer/artist is influenced and works in different ways. Most designers work off of some form of inspiration. Whether its someone they have met or studied, somewhere they have visited or just a series of photos collected; inspiration is the start to creating most great collections. While some designers create an entire world based off of their inspiration alone, others seek out materials/fabrics that will build upon the foundation of their inspiration before drawing lines. And while some designers focus on forming their ideas on paper others develop their ideas through draping on the body.

As art is a form of freedom and expression and fashion is art no process is right or wrong. As long as it helps build ideas, inspire and create results.

I find inspiration fascinating in that two people could look at the same picture and have two completely different responses to it. Where one might see strength and aggression another may see bright happy summer colors. As we absurd different pieces of culture and learn to enjoy a variety of things we create our own process of taking things apart and morphing thoughts/ideas that is completely unique to ourselves.

I have sat among many artist and designers, talking about influence, discussing ideas and projects and found that everyone breaks things down in their own way. Although something may seem obvious to one designer does not mean it will appear the same to another.

I discussed this idea with a friend explaining to her if a teacher told a class of thirty to make a dress based off their inspiration of marshmellows everyone would have very different dresses at the end of the class. She tried to argue that marshmallows are too obvious and most people would make a big fluffy cloud like garment. But in fact I had been picturing a slinky white silk charmeuse dress with thin almost non exsistent straps, a low slung back and a large burn on the right side. Proving the that although we may feel strongly about an idea or find something obvious does not mean it is unanimously so.

Me and my Youtube Partner Mora were so interested in playing with this idea of inspiration, how it comes about and how it varies between people we challenged ourselves to create a couple of pieces based on randomly selected influences. The result was a strange funny mix of over the top thoughts. But my favorite parts of the video, looking back on our process is when we are both confident about an idea thinking we are on the same page only to realize the other is saying something totally different. It wasn’t until we were editing the video that we realized how misunderstood we had been as we found ourselves explaining to each other what we had meant at certain points.

Discovering the meaning behind a collection or piece of art can create a whole new understanding and appreciation as you see how the artist went from original thought to finished product. It’s something I find both fascinating and helpful. Something I plan on continuing to study. And probably why I enjoy documentaries so much. As they let you discover little secrets behind an artists life/process.

Photo Credit: Featured Image, W Korea, Marie Piovesan poses for Gianluca Fontana

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