Destress: 5 Simple Ways (10/32)

1. Talk it Out

Do not let the things people say and do destroy you. If someone bothered you in anyway just simply let them know so that you do not have to carry around the weight of your annoyance while they carry on not knowing why your upset.

If your upset about something unrelated to a specific person find someone that you can trust and vent to them. Do not carry on for days, but do let out what is upsetting you so you can move on from it. And if you do not feel comfortable telling anyone or just rather not, write it down. Even if you type it out and then delete the document the process of putting your words on ‘paper’ helps clear your mind and relieve the stress.

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2. Go Outside

Spending too much time in doors can make me feel tired, depressed and even a little sick. Therefore if I have a lot of work to do from home its important for me to take breaks during the day to get some fresh air. Even if its as little as sitting out on the porch for 15 minutes or a ten minute walk.


Is crucial because it gets your blood flowing and your mood up. Starting my day with an easy jog gives me an automatic boost. It’s stronger and cheaper than a cup of coffee and its good for you too! I know when you have a million things on your plate the last thing you want to do is add another thing especially when it involves a change of clothes and scenery or at least that’s always been my dilemma. However, in this case it’s worth the extra effort.

4. Create

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Take time to relax. Constant focus on the same tasks for long periods of time has been found to be less then effective. It is recommended that if you feel yourself becoming unfocused during the day that you take 15 minutes or so to do sometime else. Crafts and art are great ways to keep yourself active while giving your brain a break.


The best way to avoid stress is to stop procrastinating, stop sitting around dreaming and talking about your ideas and just start doing them. Even if your plan sounds monstrous you are more likely to relax and eventually accomplish it if your start chipping away at it. Even if just in tiny pieces.

Just a quick post about 5 ways I try to combat stress and all its negative side effects.

Photo Credit: Featurd Image, Editorial for Contributor Magazine, Jeleza Rose and Andrey Onufrienko

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