In three Parts….

It was 11:46pm when I looked at my car stereo and was struck with the realization that I didn’t finish my blog post for today. Still I was close to home and felt like I would have time to finish and post it before the day was technically done. So I stayed calm and started to run through the post in my mind.

However, when your mind is a vast and cluttered place distractions are far too easy to come by and the one I just found myself in took me away for over an hour and a half. So if you are at all curious, these are a few stages distraction can take you through:

SUDDEN  MOVES: The act of getting off track when something or someone enters your path unplanned.

PROLONGING THE FIX: Occurs when you know there’s something you have to do but choose to continue the procrastination “a little longer” anyway.

SPOTLESS MIND: Forgetting the task/thing you were procrastinating on completely.

Sadly, this is exactly what happened to me which is why at 1:30am I am writing this quick little post. I thoroughly forgot about my blog post to the point that I was procrastinating on doing something else completely unrelated. Yes! It was on my list but obviously far less urgent than the thing that was due in ten minutes, lol. The struggle :/!


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