Falling for Icons

Had the most productive past two days with Mora. Making a movie one day and mimicking our idols the next.

These photos are just a few out of the dozens we shot today for our fall lookbook. This time we focused on two musicians that have inspired us for years. Mora rocked her round gold frames over and over in tribute to one of her idols, John Lennon as I channeled my inner Dylan.

In no way expecting to be their mirror we found excitement in a loose fashionable interpretation of images/looks such as these. …And I am so excited to see how the whole thing turns out after everything is edited!

Looking back at the looks we put together and the images we chose to grab inspiration from I am pleased to see that a majority of the pieces of clothing themselves are very much icons on their own.

Tench coats, bomber jackets, turtle necks, button downs, ankle pants and denim we all know them, most of us own them and they are very much assessable!

It’s exciting to realize that people that are known for their look aren’t always working with anything out of the ordinary. They have all the same tools that we do. Only they chose to put them together in a more interesting way. 


Finished Lookbook to come this week or next 🙂 ! For video Lookbook subscribe to TreMora!

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