Falling In Love With Myself

Growing up I have always been extremely critical of both myself and others. With the former taking the brunt of my beatings I found it hard to see myself and be okay with who I was. Always the ultimate wallflower I hid from all opportunities to live and experience life. Afraid of how I might look, appear or be perceived.

Recently I have noticed a huge change in myself however. Choosing to throw myself into my work and put myself out there. For the first time ever I have not only swallowed the courage to put my art on display, but I have literally made myself part of the art display. The crazy thing to me is that I no longer feel worried about judgment or feedback. I’m just excited about what I am doing and even more excited to share it. This is a truly freeing feeling and one that I do not take lightly.

Happy with the person I am becoming I no longer worry about how others may perceive me and am 100% focused on just being the person I want to be. Over the past couple years I have developed a strong interest in self growth and learning how to achieve larger than life goals. This interested has transformed into a full blown mission as of late. And now  I put everything I have into creating the most fulling life possible.

Tips I tell Myself to Stay Focused, Happy & Confident:

  1. Focus on Yourself: you are your hardest critic, biggest judge and greatest competition.

  2. Set Goals and Write them Down: You can’t get anywhere until you decide where it is you are going!

  3. Make a plan: Ok you know your goals now what is the first step to getting there? Break these down into small manageable pieces.

  4. Set Deadlines: You aren’t going to make much progress until you start holding yourself accountable.

  5. Have Fun! If your going to have big dreams and hopes be in love with them. Otherwise its just not worth it. I am extremely passionate about all the projects I start and still I struggle at times to stay focused. If I didn’t have that passion to pull me through the boring bits their is no way I would be able to put this much time and energy into any of it.

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