Finding Balance (23/32)

When is it okay to miss out on life stuff for work stuff?

When you have your own business, freelance work or personal projects to get done you must be incredibly disciplined in order to get everything completed on time. Especially if you are juggling such projects on top of a full time job or have multiple projects running at one time.

In order to keep up you most likely have to forgo time that would otherwise be spent on fun or relaxing. This will look different for everyone but could including missing out on trips, parties or Netflix binges. At first giving up such things is a bit of a challenge. However, as you progress towards your goals, starting to see progress, it becomes second nature. At least that’s what I hear!

When you make the decision to take your work seriously and make a real go for it your priorities shift. All of a sudden it’s not so hard to miss out and you start just saying I’ll do that when things let up. Or I’ll go once this deal goes through or once I finish this project. Only as you grow more and more successful new responsibilities continue to pop up and the time you are waiting to appear never seems to show.

Therefore, here I am torn between:

  1. bi-passing friend time for work

  2. taking breaks from none stop working to see friends

A wordy way of saying, should I work or should I play? At first glance that sentence seems obvious. Work! You want something than work hard and make it happen. The problem comes when I have run out of ways to say NO and I feel like I am letting people down. That feeling then starts to give me anxiety which in turn makes it hard to work. At which point the not working after I forged/put off plans makes me more anxious, making me feel more overwhelmed than I originally did. In turn causing me to procrastinate more which makes my list longer which means I can’t go out tomorrow. Meaning this whole cycle might repeat and I may have a nervous breakdown by the end of the week. 

So it turns out people are actually more sucessful when they do make time for play. And it’s for this very reason that when you keep saying no you are creating this added pressure. Therefore it is said that people who schedule in set times to relax/play are more able to focus and complete what is necessary because there is no imaginary pressure or fear of missing out anymore.

Photo Credit: Featured image, Vogue Italia, photograpger, Lucia Giacani & stylist, Rossana Mazza

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