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Finding Mentorship Online

A Few Women That Inspire Me Daily

These three women I’ve carried around with me for years now and I blame them for my continued growth and stamina. Each thriving in there particular industry after going against the grain and forging their own path. I look to them to inspiration, advice, and encouragement. Although I may not know them personally, their words, videos, and conversations with others are so abundant and consistent I don’t need to look far for support on any particular topic. Using my phone to stay connected I have access to them at any time thru YouTube, Podcasts, audible and social media.

Listed in No Particular Order

Melanie Murphy

A breath of fresh air, this bubbly Irish YouTuber is not afraid to be candid. I have followed her for years and am so happy to see her achieve more and more success every given year. This week her first fictional novel was released and I cannot wait for life to slow down for a moment so I can consume it properly! The reason I have continued to look to Melanie as a mentor is because of her dedication to herself. Something I think all of these women do amazingly well. Melanie, in particular, resonates with me because of her unapologetic take on self-love and care. She’s not afraid to tell you the whole story whether it’s where she came from or a current snag, she’s just herself thru and thru and wants everyone to be happily themselves as well. She’s not afraid to have a conversation about taboo topics and welcomes new ideas and perspectives. Over the years she has helped me work thru my personal demons and show up unafraid to be myself. No matter how well life may be going there’s always going to be a couple of unexpected bumps and it’s good to see that even those who seem to have it all together are just as human as everyone else.

Ways To Get “Mentored”:



Books: Fully Functioning Human (Almost) & If Only

Amy Landino

Omg, this woman! I love her so freaking much. I must have discovered her over two years ago now; probably while looking for ways to manage my procrastination. She has been my rock at times when all I felt capable of accomplishing was making my first cup of coffee. Her videos always come from a place of, I’ve been there but this is doable… you just need to actually do it! She’s full of tips, good advice, and practical solutions. It doesn’t matter what video I click on I know her content is going to put me on the right path, motivating me to work hard, GET ORGANIZED, and stay focused. Expanding her reach to the world of podcasts this year her consumable content has nearly doubled and I am so grateful! Her and her guests are constantly full of useful wisdom/advice that I can actually implement in my own life.

Ways To Get “Mentored”:

Youtube: AmyTv

Book: Vlog Like a Boss

Podcast: Detail Therapy

Paula Pant

One of those rare cases that have had a plan for their life since I was in middle school; I have always known where I was headed, at least vaguely. Sure things happen, life hands us the unexpected and detours must be made, but generally, my passion has remained pretty well intact and I continue in that direction no matter how loosely. Paula and her podcast Afford Anything has been an amazing addition to that journey over the past year because she is full of the practical, down and dirty truths/tips that will get you to the life you want. She doesn’t sugarcoat the sacrifices she’s made to become financially free at such a young age and I really appreciate the incites she has to share. Taking time to answer her listener's questions regularly her podcast is full of real-world advice and solutions. I find that even if a situation/question may not be relevant to me at the moment feeding myself this positive, practical financial advice on a consistent basis has helped me change my perspective on money and my relationship with it.

Ways To Get “Mentored”:

Podcast: Afford Anything

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