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Flipping It Around (11/32)

Tending to gravitate towards higher necklines I find myself shying away from great tops that scoop or fee, like the three pictured above. However lately I have found an oh so easy solution. Flipping the tops around so that the back scoops low!! All you need to make sure your top looks flawless and no one thinks your wearing it wrong is a seam ripper or a tiny pair of scissors. Once you have your tools slide the point of either tool under the thread holding the tag in place and continue to snip the threads until the tag comes loose and you can remove it without pulling. Once you get the tag off their will be little tiny holes where the tag was do not panic, that’s normal. Grab any old iron that has a steam setting and press the area where the tag used to be with the steam on. If the holes are still visible softy scratch them closed with your nail and then steam again. The holes will no longer be noticeable and now you can wear your top either way without anyone knowing the difference.

Tees and tanks work as long as the tank doesn’t have too severe of a racer-back. Play around with tops before taking out the tags because some styles work better than others.

Sweaters work great too! Pullovers and cardigans, as long as they don’t have too much fuss on the front. I wouldn’t suggest using one with pockets in the front because then its pretty obvious you flipped it around. But to each there own.

Let me know if you do this too & if you know any other top styles where the back looks better as the front!

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