Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life Made Me Cry

At 12am November 25th, Black Friday Netflix released a new series A Year in the life. Also known as the 8th season of Gilmore Girls. Airing nearly 10 years after the close of the 7th season a lot has changed in the world of Gilmore and yet very little has change in the tiny town they reside in. The trailer prepared us for the lose of Richard and Rory’s struggle to find footing in an ever evolving industry but there was still many surprises to come.

Spoiler Alert: Do not read on until you have seen all 4 episodes.

8 Take Aways:

  1. What’s up with the character of Paul? I can’t decide if I like what they are trying to say with him or if it’s just annoying. Is Paul telling us Rory can’t move past the guys that caught her attention in the past or that she just doesn’t have time to put into remembering a new one.

  2. The growth of Emily is exponential and I love it. Think about it Emily is a women that fires a maid for walking too loud or making a mistake on the salad and now she is eating food without knowing what it is and letting her maid’s whole family in her home. Losing all sense of order and yet seeming content as she goes from being a lost widow to becoming uniquely herself.

  3. But why isn’t Emily at her Lorelai’s wedding, I know I know we don’t actually see the big hoopla that they plan but we do see Emily relaxing in Nantucket the night before Lorelai is to be married and there is no talk of her coming? I know they were never very close but is she really not going to be there or am I over thinking this one.

  4. Pairs and Doyle can not be over that is one relationship I really pulled for. If there was to be a reboot to this reboot I would hope they get back together because they’re to perfect not to be together.

  5. On that note, Paris has kids. This is mind blowing to me. But it’s good to see that they haven’t softened her at all. I would of loved to see a pregnant Pairs though, I can’t even imagine it….. then again she may have had a surrogate.

  6. Logan and Rory, umm Idk how I feel. Kinda sad for Rory that she’s so okay with being the other women, esp with a guy that could of been hers.

  7. Rory’s career, I find Rory’s work related struggles refreshing and somewhat relatable. I Love the bite with Lorelai in New York where they going line hopping.

  8. The last four words both shocked me and blew me away.

But all in all I loved it & believe as far as reboots go it’s a pretty good one!

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