#Horror, I Love You (12/32)

One of my favorite films of 2015 & currently streaming on Netflix

I believe I first heard of #Horror from an article I read on vogue.com. The director being Tara Subkoff a designer/actress and fashion icon Cloe Slovgn playing the role of chaperone(who btw debuted in Kids/and has collaborated with a number of designers including Tara Subkoff) I was instantly excited. I waited and waited for this movie then bam its on Netflix. Watching it the second it floated across my screen I was ready for   it to be visually stunning. Yeah there was bits of the film that bugged me and the “instagram/Tetris” bits were really loud/intense compared to the tone of the movie and yes the horror bits were not really horror but that’s not why I watched the movie. As far as the insta-game scenes go however annoying, I found the intensity of them highly effective in showing how trumped up social media is. While I didn’t mind the lack of horror at all because thats not my thing and thats not why I watched or recommend the movie #Horror. However, I did watch it and will again because these little girls were dripping in fur, wearing matching outfits in every scene and surronded by visually stunning art, architecture and nature. Therefore, I loved it because everyone looked amazing and all the scenes were artsy and exciting. I especially love the dance scene where they all adorn masks …made my night. I will defintly be buying this movie so even when it comes off Netflix I  can play it in the background as visual inspiration as I work.

I had to write a quick article about this film because I find every scene so visually pleasing and inspiring. I know it might not be everyones cup of tea but it does have a pretty cool message to it and involves some awesome people so let me know if you have scene it/love it/hate it let me know 🙂 !!

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