How To Wear Horizontal Stripes

Personally I have never shied away from any type of stripe. Being a huge fan of neutral pallets and nautical inspired, stripes have always been something I gravitate towards.

However, I understand some peoples concerns with horizontal stripes and how they draw your eye across the body emphasizing width. Yet I do not believe we should let these widely discussed ideas govern how we dress BECAUSE who is to say that these types of broad ideas are going to hold true to you or me personally. Even if you are curvy, apple shaped or heavier than you wish you were stripes may still suit you. They may match your personality or ascetic. So please give yourself a chance, ignore the “rules” and try the things you like on.

I work with women all the time that love what they see but don’t think they have the body to pull it off. Low and behold the ones that take the time to not only try things on but to find out how to outfit the pieces for their body walk away not only with new clothes but with pieces that they love and that look great.


3 Favorite Ways to Enhance an Outfit

  1. Layering: Some people may find this too warm but this is my comfort zone. I love how much interest I can create in my look by pairing unlikely pieces together.

  2. Belts: Defining a waist can instantly transform a look and body. Highlighting our smallest part and taking attention away from less flattering elements. Lately I have been looking for more and more reasons to wear belts because they really help to pull the look together.

  3. Roll & Tuck: Rolling up my sleeves, cuffing my pants, tucking in my tops. I am always trying to alter and relax my look. Anything to make it a little more personal for my body/style. I know half tucking in a top can seem weird or sloppy to someone who isn’t used to playing around with their clothes but for me it’s the perfect compromise and my favorite trick. Tucking the front of a blouse in, especially with high waisted pants helps define your waist, while leaving the back un-tucked allows me to keep from feeling too stuffy.

On this day Mora and I were making a video for our youtube channel TreMora. We didn’t plan our outfit’s just agreed to dress for the fun upbeat video we had planned. The result was too extremely blue extremely stripy looks that perfectly show our fashion personalities. Mora is a minimalist, who is nothing but tasteful but rarely experiments with color. I on the other hand can be a little more out there, I bounce all over the color spectrum but find the most comfort in navy. 

Through my look I demonstrate all three of my favorite ways to enhance. One, by wearing a crisp white button down under my tunic. Two, by wearing a thin tie belt that matched my tunic (this is rare for me as I normally prefer to remove matching belts in replace for something more substantial). Three, I rolled up my sleeves, partly so I didn’t over heat and partly because I always do.

TreMora: Summer of Love – Waxahatchee (Unofficial Music Video)

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