“If your a bird, I’m a bird.” -My Notebook Love Story

Exact representation of me watching the Notebook:

“Ughhhhh, that collar!”

“OH MY GOD! Those earrings!”

“I LOVE that romper !”

“Wait what are those, shorts?!”


“I love that!!”

“& That.”

“That neckline!”

“I need buttons like that.”

“Wait turn back around! OMG I want to tailor something like that.”


“No seriously, I’m doing that!”

Last week me and my boyfriend indulged in The Notebook. A hugely popular heart wrenching romance that takes place in the 1940’s.

Both of us had seen the film many times before but it had been at least a couple of years since I had last sat down and watched the whole thing from start to finish. Why? I have no idea because literally I could not shut up the entire movie, loving every single thing costume designer, Karyn Wagner put on these characters bodies. Especially the way she dressed Allie(Rachel McAdams).

I can not get the tailoring out of my head; from the fitted silhouettes to the curved lines/seams. I have since watched the Notebook 5 more times…yes it has only been a few days,I’m just werid like that! But in all seriousness I see the 1940’s looks in this movie translating into my up coming projects because after seeing all these beatiful pieces I just do not want to make anything boxy or square!…At the moment.

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