Like Stop Saying “Like” (19/32)

There are many habits that form how we interact with people verbally and non-verbally. Depending on the people we surround are selves with, the media we absorb and how conscience we are about our behavior determines how we communicate and therefore how we are perceived. It is very easy to take on new habits as you spend lots of time in certain social settings or bits of culture. However, when you become aware of bad habits or less professional habits you have picked up it can be a much harder task to retrain your brain to not do said thing.

Recently I have become aware of too things I say that are less than flattering. The words:



I feel that this is a rather common problem. But I do not feel that I have always done this. Especially not to the extreme I am now. What I am doing is filling my pauses with these filler words that are completely unnecessary. Not only unnecessary but perceivably  unintelligent.

My Action Plan to forget these words and kill this habit:

  1. Talk Slower

  2. Giving me time to think so I do not need as many filler words.

  3. Take Breathes

  4. Keeps me from talking too fast.

  5.  Replaces where I would normally use filler words.

  6. Makes you look much more thoughtful and intelligent.

  7. Replacing Said Words

  8. I am consciously replacing these words with synonyms in order to stop naturally referring to them. Even while I am writing I am aware of the word like and actively using it as little as possible.

Some words that are coming in handy:

such  as  similar  relate  equal  match  same  enjoy  admire  prefer  choose  approve  esteem 

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