Morning Routine Follow Up

It has been almost two weeks since I challenged myself to develop and stick to a morning routine. And I have to admit I still have a long way to go. I have started to get the waking up early part down but I am still struggling to be productive in the early hours. A couple challenges I have encountered thus far:

  1. The inability to wake without hitting snooze at least twice when I do not have a morning commitment.

  2. Getting up with my alarm only to fall back asleep after my morning run. In my defense…because I know this one sounds really bad, I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere. I was not in my bed, every time. However, I have since found sitting at the kitchen table is the best place for me to focus and beat the early morning drowsiness.

  3. Sticking to my to-do lists. My BIGGEST oppurtunity by far is sticking to the commitments I make for myself. Why is it I am so reliable when it comes to helping others, but when it’s all about me I can put projects off for days.

Although their have been a few set backs to creating my morning routine I am determined to break my night owl habits and take advantage of my mornings. This week I am determined to go to bed earlier and check off my to-do list throughout the day, holding myself accountable.

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