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My Relationship with Film (14/32)

Film and television have always been a huge part of my life. Not because I am a couch potato although I have been known to stay in bed for days bingeing on a series only to emerge for a caffeine fix. More so, because being a creative person I have looked to this medium as a huge form of inspiration. Finding pleasure in everything from black and white romances of the 50’s to the documentaries that introduced me to exciting artists and amazing music.

Appreciating Modern Streaming after Years of Endless Buffing

I remember looking for old shows online when Netflix just offered DVD’s by mail and streaming wasn’t a common thing. Sometimes it would take two hours to watch a mid season episode because it wouldn’t stop buffering but I was to many hours in to quit at that point.

Finding Style Inspiration in the Characters I Admire

During my freshman year at college I watched  Temple Grandin so many times my roommate almost took away my TV privileges. When I seen the dvd in the store a couple years later I had to pick it up cherishing both Claire Danes performance and those days of ramen noodles and midnight library trips. Then just this year I bought a navy blue button down trimmed with white piping because it reminded me of Temple in the most subtle of ways.

When I was in high school I discovered the sixties and became obsessed with pretty much any thing that displayed the life and culture between 1958 and 1970. The most heavily watched being Bob Dylan’s black and white tour documentary Don’t Look Back. I would watch it on repeat and then just leave it playing in the background for days so every time I entered my room I was welcomed by it. That was my main film off and on for years. A couple years later while living in NYC, I found myself on the hunt for a coat, completely desperate as I waited till I was getting frost bite to start looking but still stubborn enough not to settle for anything but the perfect one. I was at my fifth or sixth store, about to loose my fingers, and two lattes deep when I seen a possibility on the sale rack. The opposite of what I was going for; I had been thinking sleek and cool. This was green and well has been compared to a dead puddle, but as I said I was desperate and it was pleading for me to give it a try. So I wandered into the fitting room and took a picture to send to a friend for an second opinion. Only their opinion had no chance because I was looking at the picture and I was thinking about Bob Dylan. I thought in that moment I could be him or at least know a younger version of him. If it was on looks alone, as I seen myself blending into the background of his 1965 tour diary. True or not I find my greatest inspirations in film and that moment was no exception.

Not always as direct as taking cues from someone’s style. Some times it’s just the mood a movie puts me in or the colors it makes me consider. Maybe its the soundtrack or writing that evokes emotion. Whatever it happens to be I appreciate film/television very much and enjoy discovering new sources of influence.

That was just a really rambly  bit about how I get inspired and what not below is a really rambly list of film ‘genres’ I enjoy.

My Favorite Genres:

Anything Indie is usually a good start

Raw and Gritty! Catherine Hardwicke (13,Lords of Dogtown & Twilight)  is a good example of this type of director

Romances both cometic and otherwise

Anything Wedding, Christmas or Jane Austen

Art Driven Films/Artsy ie. Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) and The Virgin Suicides (1999)

Anything with amazing actors/actresses Anne HathawayMeryl Streep, Sean PennEllen PageChloë SevignyKate WinsletRyan GoslingEmile HirschJena MaloneLeslie MannRobert De NiroDiane KeatonDakota FanningWoody AllenAli MacGrawBarbra StreisandEdward Norton just to name a few

  1. Whenever i really enjoy an actor/actress in a film I usually binge on a bunch of their previous work. It’s my favorite way to find hidden treasures.

Movies about Football Firms

Movies about over coming obstacles, sports/coming of age

Documentaries about anything but more so ones about art, culture, fashion and music

Movies with happy endings

….And at the same time movies with unhappy but very realistic or powerful endings

Tear Jerkers…I cry easily

Movies that force any emotion on me, even if it makes me mad! Except the fifth Harry Potter movie/book I could do without Umbridge. Yet not really because I appreciate that the writing made her so intense that I almost didn’t finish the fifth book because she made me so mad. Still today I almost always skip over watching/reading the fifth Harry Potter because her crisp pink robes, perfectly smooth hair and kitty collection bother me to no end.

Therefore most of the time I prefer to experience things that make me feel something. The movie I recommend most is probably Kids made in 1995 following a few young skateboards in NYC. It is directed by Larry Clark and written by Harmony Korine both people I respect for having such amazing portfolios of work. But this movie is by far the one I think about most and am always referring to and asking people about because I found the ending so powerful. It made me think so much questioning every possibility that my mind was just on the floor. I just want everyone to watch this movie in fast-forward in front of me so when they get to the end I can say- “there omg did u see that. What the heck does that mean. Who the hell has ‘it’ now/before/what?.”  I know from experience that not everyone was as blown away as I was by this and some people took a totally different meaning away from the film. Which somewhat disappoints me but at the same time thats human nature that’s art, culture, life and that’s what makes inspiration and creativity  so special.

Anyway like I said this is a very random, rambly list/post that gives you a little glimpse into my brain, how it works and what inspires me. It is in no way a compete list but it’s a nice snapshot for now :)! 

And, since it is somewhat on topic I am providing a link to a video that I did with my friend on our Youtube Channel TreMora. We are doing a fun little series about films and posted the first video today so if your interested check it out!!

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