New Beginnings

May is going to be about travel, experiencing new things and creating new beginnings.

It has been two years since I have been back to New York and the longing has only grown stronger over the time pasted. I came to Florida to find myself and make it on my own terms. I struggled through love, work and finding my passion. Realizing in the face of everything I thought I wanted I was at a loss for who I really was.

Hippie Beach Editorials : Foam Magazine May/June

Hippie Beach Editorials : Foam Magazine May/June

This week I turned 26. And at the beginning of the end of this chapter in my life I am ready to part from a place that is undeniably my home and go in search of what I have yet to find. I want to live life and all it has to offer and that is why I say goodbye to the people and the place that make up my world and go in search of the life I desperately crave.

In a couple of weeks I will board a flight to JFK with more bags than I can afford in order to be reunited with one of my favorite people. After ditching all the non essentials in her cozy nook in upper Manhattan. I plan on spending the day running between as many of our favorite spots in the city as we have time for before returning to the airport for my first international flight.

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Fashion Editorial by Frank Loschke

I hope that through these couple of weeks away I will see beauty beyond what i have ever imagined supplying me with endless inspiration. I hope to learn about me and I hope to walk away with a beautiful story to tell to the world.

Somehow, the trip doesn’t scare me it’s exciting and wonderful , yet the fresh start that awaits me on the other side is another story.

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V Magazine Mario Sorrenti New York Fashion Editorial

Let me know if you to have worked towards a goal only to realize it may not be who you want to be for the rest of your life and how you dealt with the implications of changing your life’s direction. Because I have yet to find my perfect fit in life, work and overall being but I think being open to life’s possibilities is ultimately the best way to live. 

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