Old Habits & New Adventures

Over the past few months I have been branching out and trying new things. It started when when a model fell through last minute and I decided to model my own clothes. Since then I have dabbled in photography, acting, filmmaking and even script writing as of late. This new boost in challenges has left me feeling two things. The first being exhausted as I am juggling all these new projects on top of prior commitments. The second being a since of fulfillment and satisfaction as I witness myself changing.

I may not be the strongest writer and I have no problem admitting I have no natural ability to act. As there is no question I am a awful liar and have a terrible short-term memory. Yet I am putting myself out there in these ways and I don’t feel vulnerable. On the contrary, I feel more confident than ever. And that feeling is inspiring me not only to keep doing these things but to try more.

Yet after months of hard work and consistency. I feel myself fading, catching myself falling back into old habits and routines. There is this awful cycle I cannot get out of and these time-wastes that I let take over my days. Without a doubt if I miss one day of running I might go back the next day, but if I miss two days than I am out of the game for a month and that goes for almost anything. This is a cycle that I have struggled to break when it comes to creating a morning routine, setting personal goals and consistently working out.  All of which are extremely personal goals that that have little to no affect on the people around me. Unlike missing TreMora deadlines which is not a solo project for one and two will set us back on all future goals.

Therefore, to start off the new month right I am going back to some of my favorite books to refresh my memory on how to break old habits  and form GOOD ones.

First and foremost, I will be listening to; The Power of Habit:Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg.

One of my favorite books because

  1. He explains the science behind habits.

  2. He shares a variety of stories centered around not only habits but how our brains work.

  3. His stories/references jump between advertising/business and medical studies/research.

  4. Its very thoughtful and intelligent while still keeping me entertained.

  5. It has an audio book so I can listen to it on the way to work and while I’m running!!

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