I knew they were sick. I hear about their surgeries. I know when their in hospital. I see them take pills and wear bandages. Yet I seldom realize. They are Sick.

If I do its brief, as the thoughts start to pour in and the questions start to form I’m quick to switch subjects. I want to comfort them I want them to be okay. Still, I am afraid to really know. I am afraid to know that someone that has always been a source of inspiration, joy and courage may be gone before I am or somehow less then they once were.

They are so young and beautiful and facing things I  cannot even being to know yet they live everyday so full of life. They don’t complain, rarely even letting people in on the secrets that haunt their every moment. They work multiple jobs, go to school travel the world and follow their dreams all while someone is telling them they are getting worst.

As I sit here waiting to hear the latest I REALIZE they wouldn’t sit & they wouldn’t wait. For Anything.



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