Sailor at Work (28/32)

Today I had an amazing afternoon with my close friend/youtube partner Mora. Starting off the day at our unofficial office, Starbucks. We grabbed a coffee and started discussing/brainstorming for various projects, with the intention of having a productive day sewing and draping for our upcoming series Good Will Hunting.

Taking about thirty minutes to get to my home studio from our meeting spot we had plenty of time to hash out some important details on the way. All that multi-tasking leaving us with a few moments to spare for a mini ootd photo shoot. Literally turing on the first dirt road off the interstate at my exit we found the most enchanting little bridge that was perfect for a few quick shots.

Dawning what I currently consider 5 of my work day essentials and favorite pieces.

1.Sparkly Earring, I almost always go for studs

Starting from the top I have on big bold blush pink crystal flower earrings. That could be perceived as obnoxious except the color almost just blends into my skin. Plus I really don’t care about that because I’m not much for jewelry otherwise. If you met me you would quickly find out I break, damage or lose most everything. Studs and even chunky stud earrings are less likely to get caught on something, tangle or even tarnish. Plus they so easy to pair; as most earrings can easily match to a variety of outfits. They’re easy and I like them, end of story.

2.White Button Down, classic

From there I have on a classically crisp white collared shirt. This one is a little bit special in that the fabric itself is somewhat translucent and than has an all over screen print of tiny white flowers. No need to explain why we all need some version of this.

3.Structured Knit Blouse, or pullover sweater….very versatile

I then layered a bold blue stripy boat neck knit-top over the top of my button down. Cuffing up my white long sleeves to the length of the three-quarter knit ones for a more relaxed look. Then also tucking just the front of my two tops in to show off my waist as well as the trousers. But still keeping the look relaxed.


For bottoms I went with my favorite pants of the summer. Navy blue structured wide leg crop trousers. Kind of a mouth full to say but super easy to pair with pretty much anything for trendy take on work wear.

5.Single Strap Sandals, kitten heels are amazing for running around all day

Since I am only 5’3″ I always pair pants like these with some sort of heel to avoid looking any shorter. Here I went for a really simple taupe patent leather single strap sandal, with a kitten heel. Love!


I love days when I take an extra few minutes to create a really polished yet slightly unexpected look. It always makes me feel more confident and inspired throughout the day. Layering is probably my favorite part of dressing!!  

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