Solo Road Trips (17/32)

I quite regularly take mini road trips by myself. Partly because many of my friends live at least two hours away and partly because I really enjoy the quiet. Its nice having time to think and it’s really nice not having someone telling you how to drive or annoyed if you miss a turn. It’s also rather refreshing to have an extended period of time to put into a good book and as I listen to audiobooks more than I read lately solo road trips are the perfect opportunity to listen without distraction.

Below is my list of road trip essentials:

  1. Water

  2. Snack (Usually Trail mix)

  3. Audiobooks (at least two)

  4. CD’S/Playlists (I get so board of the radio and it can be unreliable when traveling)

  5. Printed Directions (I’ve had my phone overheat when I was within minutes of destination and wasted an hour waiting for it to turn back on

  1. Camera

  2. Phone and car charger

  3. A fresh cup of coffee before I jump on the interstate

That’s pretty much all I need besides my day/overnight bag depending what I am doing. Hopefully I am not forgetting anything as I am hoping in the right car now for a little adventure. Talk to you when I get back!

Photo Credit: Featured Image, Vogue Russia 2011 by ALEXI LUBOMIRSKI

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