Taming Your Scattered Brain (13/32)

I have had to come to accept that I am an extremely scattered person. Constantly misplacing things, forgetting why I went somewhere or just finding myself lost inside my own head. I have come to realize there are ups and downs to everything. However, in this case the ability to come up with a never ending stream of ideas/thoughts is about the only benefit I am seeing. Where as the negatives are endless. For example:

  1. Getting in the car only 5 minutes late only to realize I forgot something

  2. Forgetting what I am about to do on the way

  3. Being easily distracted

  4. Dabbling with the idea of organization only to write down my ideas on the nearest surface

  5. I stick more pieces of scarp paper in my notebook than I write on pages

  6. Allowing myself to watch one video on YouTube before starting work only to find myself two hours later still watching random videos.

  7. Starting triple the projects I finish

  8. Never having less than 3 projects going at one time

So, now that I have read a dozen articles and confirmed I am a highly creative mess of a person what am I going to do about it? For one I am going to continue trying to replace bad habits with good ones. But more specifically this is my Action Plan:

  1. I started making a schedule for the week that includes tasks I need to accomplish outside of work, when I work on them and when I can exercise.

  2.  I have started to make immediate commitments rather then saying I will start that tomorrow, next week or next month.

  3. For example, I wanted to be more consistent with my blog so I decided to do #postaday for a month, but rather than waiting till 7.1 to start I started on 6.29 or something because that’s when I had the idea and I didn’t want to give myself a reason to back out.

  4. Getting a friend to go running with me @ 6:00 am most days  so that I am forced to get up and start my day at a reasonable time and with a bit structure.

  5. Focusing on making better choices when it comes to food. I have read that diet has a huge impact on the brain and concentration. A few sites about Brain/Diet:

  6. 10 foods to boost your brainpower

  7. 5 Brain Foods to Boost Focus and Memory

  8. Scatterbrained—or something more

  9. Turing my phone to airplane mode before starting work/project and only listening to audio books while I work and instrumental music while I write

  10. I need some sort of noise while I am working in order to stay alert and energized and everything else I have tried including videos movies and music seem to distract me

  11. Creating smaller to do lists

  12. This will probably be the hardest one for me to be consistent with because I always want to do everything at once but I am determined to start finishing things before I start new projects for now on.

  13. Therefore I am pretty much only giving my self one project to work on per day rather than doing an hour of this that and something else.

Hopefully I can stay on track and by following these steps I can become a much more focused and accomplished person. Below I attached a few links to posts fellow scatterbrains might enjoy!

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Photo credit: Featured Image by Tim Walker found @ https://gabrielabadica.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/the-imaginarium-of-dr-tim-walker/

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