The Emotional Effects of Rain (26/32)

Used in many films to add intensity to a scene whether it be drama or romance. Rain has the ability to stir up emotions in us. Whether it be through the soothing sound of water hitting the ground or the ferocity of crashing thunder. It disrupts the quiet that would otherwise be and makes us feel something new.

I personally enjoy a slightly unique relationship with rain. As I live in a place where it rains frequently and unpredictably. I have come to find the sound of a heavy rainstorm comforting. Developing many fond memories involving this wet stuff. Many of which involve snuggling up in front of films with warm drinks!

It seems that film and I are not the only ones that find drama in the rain. Many designers equally look to the weather as a form of energy and excitement at their shows. Above Burberry Prorsum Winter 2012 and Top Man Fall 2014 used rain during their shows’ finales.

In all his early glory Alexander McQueen used rain as a prop, drowning dozens of models wearing white as they made their way down his runway in his Spring/Summer 1998 show. But it wasn’t just water falling that created so much excitement. McQueen an artist all the way through drenched the clothing/models to the point where the clothes took on another shape, clinging to the bodies that displayed them. While the models heavy black eyes rain down their faces.

And the water fell accumulating under the stage and turning the liquid under the stage black; adding to the unsettled feeling in the air. Bringing the entire audience into the world of emotion/imagery that created the collection. (Tim Blanks reflecting on show)

So yeah I’m really inspired by rain. It can have calming effects when the sound of heavy rain drowns out everything else and it can be somewhat exciting when it’s accompanied by thunder and lighting. Sometimes it’s nice to look at and other times it’s just soothing to have in the background. While it’s nice to look at and dissect what inspired me personally it’s even more fascinating to see such things incorporated into the work of other artists!

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