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The Power of Layering

Sure mixing prints, textures and styles is exciting. And yes I throughly enjoy the challenge that comes from creating new looks out of the same ‘old’ pieces.

However, I’ve also noticed that when I’m not feeling 100% that an extra layer can feel like body armor. And an extra two feels even stronger.

Yet those layers don’t have to be obvious. They can be subtle and hard to define. Like an all black outfit or the shades of grey that make up each and everyone of us.

Sure contrast is great but once in a while really simple can feel really perfect. Especially when your simple is made up of layers that some eyes can’t even distinguish.

As someone who goes to sleep thinking about what I’m going to wear the next day; layering has never been strictly about utility. In fact it’s hard for me to relate to women who won’t buy a top if it requires a cami or someone who buy’s his/her blazer too big simply because  it pulls when they lift their arms. As I am someone who looks in the mirror and makes my decision off how the clothes make me feel inside.

Not too say comfort means nothing to me it does. But I think creating positive energy and confidence through looking great is important.

For me creating layers with my clothes is comfort. Whether I’m creating depth with the use of 3 different tops in one look or just carrying a light shawl in case I need it.

I use my layers to both elevate my look/confidence and protect me from any daily nerves. And for me that’s power!

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