To all the men I could not love,

Photo by Igor Rand on Unsplash

I am sorry.

I am sorry for the stolen kisses,

broken dreams and hope filled nights.

I am sorry for all the ‘No Thank Yous’

For all the half read messages and half heard stories

for all the nights I spent with you wishing I was somewhere else.

I'm sorry for not pretending,

For making it so known.

For exciting you only to push you back

For calling you to fill my time

To lift my mood

To ignore your next few...

I am sorry,

That you may be the most deserving

That I couldn’t except how good you truly were

How nice you are

How perfect things seemed to be.

I’m sorry you could see past my broken bits. Fore clearly I could not.

I'm sorry for how we met

Whether it was this or that

I’m sorry you came second.

But mostly I’m just sorry that you couldn’t be him. For that, I’m truly sorry.


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