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Universal Gifts: Manifesting Support

Step 1: Create a Vision Board

About two years ago this time I sat on the floor of my room clipping photos from magazines and scouring the internet for inspiration in hopes of covering one of my bedroom walls with the motivation needed to make big changes in my then life. I felt excited and full of hope as my wall began to fill. I taped up images and index cards. The latter full of motivational phrases and movie titles that I planned to research and write about.

All the movies on that list were personal favorites except one. It was a recommendation from a friend; a film about and titled after a 1990s super model named Gigi, or at least I thought. At the time I had a website specifically about clothing in films. Therefore, seeing a new fashion film was top of mind.

Step 3: Use Affirmations

Being the only film on the wall I had yet to see every day I would walk by my vision board and say “I need to see Gigi”. In the midst of a few major life changes months went by without seeing the film, but still, I would continue to walk by the wall and the titles it displayed and without hesitation tell myself “I need to see Gigi”.

Step 4: Have Trust

Just a few months after first creating the wall I started a new job that required me to move to a new city for two months of training. While there I met and had an amazing roommate that lived and breathed the power of positivity and the law of attraction. Everything I had started learning about leading up to my move she reconfirmed with every moment we shared together. Overcoming obstacles and beaming with hope and love in the face of everything life throws her way, she taught me over and over again that life and all it offers is a choice and our outlook can change everything. I am beyond blessed to have had her thru one of the toughest times of my life and even more so to know her for the journey ahead.

Step 5: Be Open to Receiving

When training finished up we headed to opposite sides of the country to start our new careers. Mine bringing me back to the room I had left behind and it’s wall of inspiration. As I walked into my bedroom I took a moment to re-familiarize myself with its contents and like clockwork, the movie title Gigi called out to me. “you need to see Gigi it’s been months and you have yet to see…” my mind hovers over the name. I hadn’t thought about the title at all since I’d been gone, having had no time for movies. Shocked that I hadn’t drawn the connection sooner, without thinking I reached for my phone. I called the friend that recommended the movie and started to explain to her how I had written the film Gigi on my board and had yet to see it. Continuing to explain how I repeatedly told myself to see Gigi for months leading up to training. I took a breath still staring at the letters inked in marker on my wall and asked what is the likelihood that the first person I saw/met when I moved for training was a woman by that name. My beautiful roommate, Gigi that will forever inspire and empower me. After listening to my debrief my friend half laughs and agrees, “that is amazing, especially since the movie I told you to to see is titled after the model Gia”.

Step 6: Be Grateful

Unbeknown to me I wrote down the wrong name and persisted to ask the universe to see it. Being the only thing on the wall that drew my attention I focused on the idea of having to see Gigi at least once a day and within a few months, the universe gifted me with someone who only further opened my eyes to the power I hold.

To this day I have yet to see the film Gia but I feel lifted knowing that I drew such a positive influence into my corner.

Photography: Simon Upton. Stylist: Rachel Wayman at The Artist Group. Hair Stylist: Alan White Anthology. Makeup Artist: Peter Beard at The Artist Group. Model: Jessica Clarke. <Photos from fashioneditorials.com>

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