Velvet Dream: 5 Ways to Add Velvet to your Closet

With Urban Outfitters recreating the 90s grunge movement and Gucci exploring the world of whimsy, velvet has exploded at all levels of the fashion spectrum and I have to say I am far from sad about it.

Below is a list of 5 ways I plan on incorporating velvet into my wardrobe this winter!:

  1. Velvet socks: Darner makes these in a bunch of different colors and they seem to be the absolute best way to wear socks with a party dress.

  1. Velvet Tee: The tee below is from Made Well and is a perfect relaxed top that could mix into any wardrobe. I also found similar tees at Anthropology and Free People but I am sure you could find this one nearly anywhere right now. Which is great because its a staple. *** Bonus… Anthro also has an awesome velvet tee dress.

  1. Velvet Bomber: I love this Missguided bomber for two reasons. One because the color is dead on and two because it’s boyfriend length makes the whole thing so much more relaxed. You can find bombers like this one almost anywhere right now from Net-a-Porter to Urban Outfitters, but Missguided in particular has some great colors for a reasonable price.                                

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 11.28.29 PM.png
  1. Velvet Button Down: Button downs and fall just go hand and hand to me. Maybe that’s because I’m minorly obsessed with flannel or because there a great layering tool. Either way velvet is a great asset to your classic button down shirt and for that I am very excited. I am partially excited about this one from Anthropology because the color is so perfect. *** Bonus button down shirt dresses look just as good in velvet.

  1. Velvet Pants: I’m so in love with wide legs still and these Free People pants are no exception. I’m feeling very champagne happy lately IDK if its the holidays or just a general disinterest in the typical dark fall colors.

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 10.10.33 PM.png

As you can see I’m full on excited about how much velvet is out there right now, so let me know what pieces your loving and if there is anything I missed!!

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