What happened when Bob Dylan Met John Lennon…

An Iconic take on Fall

Inspired by Bob Dylan & John Lennon 

A Fall Lookbook

I still remember the exact moment I discovered Dylan. I believe I was in 8th or 9th grade and I borrowed-never to return a book from my brother (as he did to the school library) it was about the Grateful Dead. An encyclopedia of sorts including everything that happened to the band as well as everyone and thing that came into contact with the Dead since the band’s inception.

One of those things being Dylan.  I do not remember what the book said about Bob Dylan, but I do remember reading his name and then circling back wondering why it sounded so familiar.

Being someone who loved stories I spent most of my time in books and film paying little attention to music so all I had was familiarity of the name. So I looked him up to see if it rang any bells. I don’t remember the bells but I do know that from that point on I was hooked. I read more books on The Grateful Dead and Dylan himself, watched every documentary/film I could find on both and of course loaded my ipod up with dozens of albums.

Years later I might not have Don’t Look Back on repeat day in and day out anymore or have images of them covering every surface, but I still feel their influence especially Dylan’s. And on the off chance I’m at a loss for inspiration I always know I can find some in the art he has put out into the world.


Don’t Look Back probably being my favorite documentary. I also found a great love for the sixties culture, attitude and fashion as I watched Dylan and his friends grace the screen. Only going on to study and idolize many more from period, my love continues to grow still today as I look these at artists from the past to inspire my current work.

This lookbook is a direct reflection of that as Mora and I dug deep into our closets to style looks inspired by two of our favorite musicians Bob Dylan and John Lennon. Lennon being to Mora what Dylan is to me 🙂 . 

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Find a larger presentation of the lookbook here!

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Against all the odds: weather, scheduling, interruptions and even bugs this was a great shoot and day!! Hope you like it!

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