“When I Give I Give Myself” -Walt Whitman (16/32)

When I work,

                I work hard

When I love, 

               I love deep

When I feel,

                I feel it all

There is a faint grey line that separates giving all of yourself to something or someone you love and being used. When your in the moment the line seems to not even show at all, but its there and it usually appears darker to on lookers.

As someone who tends to put all of myself into each project or friendship I have, I have wondered if it feels the same from both sides. Or if someone who doesn’t give so much of their self can see how much a person gives and chose to exploit it? Of course there will always be negative people that take advantage. But my question is. Do people that we love and love us back sometimes see our ability to give and purposely start taking more without trying to be vindictive? Is it possible for someone to ask to much of you or take to much of you without having negative intentions?

Personally I do not know. As someone who is constantly over stretching I am slowly but surely learning to and actively using my right to say no. However, sometimes just having to say no takes more effort then I seem to have.

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