Year of NO: Six Weeks In

I discovered my main challenge may not be having to say NO to others as I learned the influence of others and their asks may not be what gets in my way of accomplishing my dreams.

Going into the year of no I knew that procrastination was one of my biggest struggles. Therefore, I went into it with the full intention of turning down other people's projects and plans with the assumption that if I stopped saying yes to everyone else I’d have fewer reasons to procrastinate on my personal goals. Only I clearly found a loophole and I’m currently my own worst enemy. Because as it turns out if no one is able to present me with projects I will create them… not just for me but for others.

This past month I have not said yes to anyone. Yet the month has been filled with one collaboration after another. Confusing right?

I've come to realize as I see opportunities it's almost an uncontrollable reflex to latch on to them and make things happen. Therefore, no one needed to present me with an idea to turn down because just being around people discussing potential projects had me jumping out of my skin to make things happen.

I honestly haven’t been so productive in nearly two years. The only issue is none of the things I helped to create this past month are in line with my current priorities.

I feel so conflicted as my priorities have suddenly doubled and yet my original to-do list is still untouched.

I feel so conflicted as my priorities have suddenly doubled and yet my original to-do list is still untouched. I know the simple answer is to put aside the new projects and stay focused on the end goal. That I shouldn't allow myself to get driven off course so easily. However, as I find myself behind, I in the same breath feel as if I’m thriving. And as I sit here in a struggle between letting the old plan go completely and trying to juggle everything I have just begun, it feels as if the new opportunities are propelling me forward, possibly in a different direction but still. I am a firm believer in following the flow of life and that everything leads to something whether it’s good or bad, there is a reason we are on this path and therefore setting aside such positive opportunities feels like a step backward.

So yes it’s true I may need to broaden the guidelines for the year of no to include not creating projects that are outside of my priorities from this point forward. But as far as the projects I’ve just begun, I feel inspired by the collaborations that are taking place and I am determined to use this found momentum to push my original goals into existence.


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