“You just use the future to escape the present.” ―Looking for Alaska (27/32)

And it’s true I do.

My thoughts on the novel:

Looking For Alaska by John Green.

Taking a break from business, success, and Self-Improvement books. I recently listened to this gem by John Green. First hearing of Looking for Alaska months ago following the success of The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns. I thought that the title alone sounded like something I would enjoy. Plus many others were talking about it so I had to add this book to my to-read list.

When I downloaded the novel I had only heard the title and that it was by John Green. To me that was plenty to know i would probably appreciate it. Therefore I did not waste anytime on descriptions or book jackets. Rather I dove into listening to it, blind.


Boy oh boy was I surprised within minutes of this book as the characters were introduced. That’s all it took to dash all assumptions I had made. Honestly expecting an Into the Wild esc Alaskan trek I was thrown for a loop when I realized this novel is more reminiscent of A Separate Peace than anything. Luckily I throughly love the boarding school angst of A Separate Peace and very much went on to enjoy Looking For Alaska. Once I realized and accepted what it was about of course.

Looking for Alaska has many themes including: Friendship, Death, Suffering, Mental Health, Deceit, Sex/Love, Choice; to name a few.


The novel does a good job of exposing an unvarnished character to life in a way that is relatable. Unlike the dramas that coat our televisions with instant romance and over the top drama. Not to say the characters in this book don’t lust, love, fight and create tension because they do. And rather often. However, it is in a way that seems natural and somewhat understandable. …………….

Scenes in the novel such as the protagonist’s first cigarette and sexual experience are clumsy and awkward. He struggles with doing what’s ‘right’ and what his peers expect. Facing consequences for mistakes made ranging from minimal to extreme. As the protagonist  is faced with each new experience he growths as a person. All in all an exciting take on a coming of age novel.


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